Sunday, March 15, 2009

MUSIC : Production and Songwriting

Check out my music productions skills  at ;

Need a beat or a score? I got what you want!!


Here is a sample of a song I wrote:

Verse one :
In the night : Dreams are long : Get up , get up : In the morn'
Such is life : Days go by : Be reborn again : And rise with light
The birds are right : I hear them sing : Free to fly :What a natural thing
I know this life : And in my mind : I overstand : With vision out of sight

Early in the morning : There's magic in the air : Lights get brighter and brighter : I stood there 
and just stared
Something like a phenomenon : That never comes to an end : Early in the morning : Rise with the sun and set

If your looking for a song or jingle , I got what you need!!!
Any genre , Any style , Any brand !!!

Contact :

As I am new to offering these services , we can trade or collaborate in any way possible.
I will be posting my own videos and examples very soon.

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