Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Images From the Pele "Ten" Shoot and Pre -Production!!!

"TEN" A Tribute To The World's Greatest Ever Footballer

"The purpose of this shoot is to pay homage to the most well known name in the world and

the greatest footballer of all- time. Also the shoot provided an outlet for me to express my

desire and ability to play the title role in the upcoming Pele movie.In the beginning it was

myself and Harry Leonard ,we than went through a casting for an MUA for the bodypainting

of the names and numbers associated with Pele. After MUA Christa Mithcell was chosen I

than recruited an amazing cinemetographer/director/cameraman Jordan Kryz also brought

along his friend Victor
Prokopowicz who also proved to be great in the shoot.

We loved the idea of shooting it in the "Golden Hour" in Vancouver,BC because its so beautiful

and at the same time the construction on the new 1.3 million dollar Andy Livingstone field was

happening. It took place in the light and in the dark and the results are amazing!

I named the shoot "Ten" as I felt it should consist of ten photos displaying the process of

Introduction,Attack and Celebration of Pele and which was his number as well.

Thank you to all in involved...I love it so!!! The video is coming soon...stay tuned!!!!!

All the boys from the field...Christa,Victor,Jordan and Harry!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heather Tufts Photoshoot Re-edits tufts

Creative Fine Art Images w/ Photographer Mark Bencito

Hot Canadian Men Calender Shoot Images

Friday, June 5, 2009

Condition :Human Episode Four

condition:human Episode 4 from condition:human on Vimeo.

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